While learning we make a lot of mistakes and you’ll know those mistakes after becoming an expert in that field. Those mistakes may waste a lot of time and effort. So I’m here with a story to help the junior designers who can learn designing in a correct way. This article will help junior designers a lot. So don’t forget to share this with them.

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1. Don’t run behind fancy designs

UI/UX is not about designing fancy designs which you can see mostly on Dribbble. Dribbble is saturated with fancy stuff everywhere. Junior designers mostly drown in learning those fancy designs. All I want to convey…

Redesigning a website or app is a challenging task compared to designing something from scratch because redesign is not all about changing the User Interface, it’s about solving the problems in existing design. I have redesigned several websites and apps and I will be sharing my experience with the redesign process.

Redesigned the Signal App

1. Start finding flaws in existing design

Redesigning an existing design is complicated because you need to study complete design to find flaws. So start with the user flow, try to analyze the user flow of the existing design, and after that start checking the UX part of the design and try to make it better…

Figma vs Adobe XD: Which is better in 2021?

There are many tools for designing User Interface but Figma and Adobe Xd are leading software’s used by professionals. Choosing the best tool between the Figma and Adobe XD is a complicated process. I use Figma for designing and I have five reasons to use Figma over Adobe XD. If you are still using Adobe XD then this article is for you. After reading this article you may change to Figma.

Here are my five reasons to choose Figma:

1. Figma Community

Figma Community lets you explore, install, use and remix thousands of plugins and files published by designers and developers. Think of…


I’m Dinesh, UI/UX designer, freelancer and mentor.

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